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The legal industry has changed considerably in the last decade. Once, an average person would rarely consider creating his or her own legal documents. But advances in information technology have made it commonplace for people to use legal kits and legal forms software to create simple standardized legal documents on their own.

And now you can, too! Legal Kit Store previews the best in easy-to-use legal kit offerings from these well-respected law companies:



A wide-range of legal topics are covered in the list below. Each of these topics can be managed using one of the easy-to-use, affordable legal kits and legal form software titles available from the companies above.

With these law kit products now readily available, everyday people can handle common legal situations on their own, saving a significant amount of money in legal fees. Wills, Bankruptcy, Deeds, Leases, Incorporation, Contracts, even No-Fault Divorce can be handled "pro se" simply by reading and following the simple directions provided in a comprehensive legal kit!

Remember, when you use a legal kit, your are representing yourself in the eyes of the law. Representing yourself in any type of legal matter without the benefit of legal counsel (i.e. hiring an attorney) is referred to as acting "Pro Se". Pro Se (pronounced "pro say") literally means "on one's own behalf" -- you choose to act on your own behalf without hiring an attorney.

Legal self-representation applies to more than just court proceedings; actions like creating a Last Will and Testament, filing a Deed, handling your own Divorce or filing for Bankruptcy all fall under the pro se category, provided you complete the legal kit and file the paperwork without the advice or representation of a lawyer.



Whether the pro se individual is looking to transfer real property, file for a divorce, loan money, sell property or set up a business, the use of accurate and up-to-date legal kits, forms and documentation is essential. In many cases, individuals seeking the assistance of an attorney could achieve the very same result with a legal kit, by obtaining, completing and filing/recording with the appropriate court or government entity the necessary valid and binding legal forms.

Most common legal matters involve the use of some kind of standardized legal forms. For years, courts and attorneys have created these standardized forms; the use of these forms has been ongoing for many years, often without any significant changes in the documents for substantial periods of time. The use of the forms contained within legal kits by individuals who are not lawyers does not make these forms or kits any less valid or binding in any way. As long as the legal kit, form or document utilizes the terms correctly and complies with the governmental regulations, the use of legal kits is highly effective -- even when completed and filed "on your own".

Of equal importance to the forms contained in any legal kit are the instructions to complete the forms correctly. Many times, a person may be able to find a generic legal form from a government agency or court website, but typically those documents will not provide any type of instructions or overviews to help a person complete and file them. So unless the person has a keen understanding of the law and its processes -- including any state-specific requirements that are usually not spelled out on the form -- the blank documents from a government or court website will be unmanageable for the average person.

So how can the average person gain access to the types of legal forms needed for common issues like Bankruptcy, Wills, Divorce, etc. with the proper instructions included? From Legal Kit Store! A number of the most common "do it yourself legal kits" are available in downloadable software format from companies like Standard Legal, Find Legal Forms and U.S. Legal Forms and others, at a price significantly less than the cost of hiring an attorney.

The key to successfully creating your own law documents is to select a legal company that has a solid reputation. While it's fairly easy to find a variety of legal forms on the internet, the source of many of those forms can be suspect. It is CRITICAL to know that a fully-qualified attorney has authored the forms and instructions you select, and that the content within the forms is completely legal, valid and up-to-date!

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